LVM Workouts are Training for Competition in Swim Meets

We are a Masters club in training for SPMS Regional pool championship meets, USMS National pool championship meets, and FINA Masters World championship meets. We have several talented open water swimmers and triathletes in the lanes with us every day, but we all follow the same plan for pool meet competitions. We get strong, then we get fast, then we taper, then we compete... repeat.

If you have been "out of the water" for a while, a decade, or even a few decades, don't stay away any longer.

We work hard with LVM.  We get trim and muscular with LVM.  We get fast with LVM!

... and best of all we are a swim family!

Drop-In Workouts for Visitors and Non-Members (current 7/23/2021)

6:00 am - 7:30am Desert Breeze Drop-In, Monday-Friday
Will you be visiting Las Vegas for work or fun, and want to stay in shape by swimming with us? We'd love to see you! We are training Monday through Friday at Desert Breeze (7 miles west of The Strip). See more specifics about our swim workouts on our Workouts page. Be sure to always check our Calendar in case of days off, pool closures, or holidays.

To begin your pre-registration for "drop-ins", click here. 
Your online "drop-in" registration is vital for our insurance coverage, and is only available online (no paper registration). All donations are appreciated. Please note that Desert Breeze also charges a facility fee at the door.

LVM Member Workouts at Desert Breeze (current 7/23/2021)

Days & Hours Monday through Friday, 6 - 7:30 a.m.

Desert Breeze  
Facility Website 8275 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89117, about 7 miles west of The Strip

If you are not a registered Las Vegas Masters team member, please register today.

How to Join LVM There are three easy steps to join our program. Proceed in the order below:

  1. First, sign up for (or renew) U.S. Masters Swimming membership for the current year, choosing "Southern Pacific" as your region/LMSC and "Las Vegas Masters" as your club. USMS membership is required for our liability insurance, offering swimmers insurance coverage at all facilities, and provides the opportunity to compete.
  2. Second, sign up for LVM here on this website. You will need USMS membership to proceed. New members of LVM, click here or the "Join LVM" link above in the menu. Renewing Members will receive a custom email in January every year with instructions and a Club Assistant Re-Registration link. Your responsibility for 2021 is $70.
  3. Third, you will need a Clark County Masters swim pass to swim at Desert Breeze. You may also pay the daily lap swim rate. LVM does not directly charge swimmers for pool rental because swimmers pay pool use directly to the facility front desk.

Qualification LVM morning workouts include a diverse group from beginning competitive swimmers to advanced and world record holders, from ages 18 to 90.

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